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Traditional or complex, our products and service support a diverse range of landlords

Whether your client wants a traditional buy-to-let mortgage or is hoping to expand into specialist sub-sectors, such as Houses in Multiple Occupation or Holiday Lets, Vernon has a range of options to meet their needs. We’ve been helping landlords to find mortgage solutions for 95 years and will lend to portfolio landlords, limited company landlords, and those looking to buy property to let for the first time. Whatever your landlord client’s circumstances, we’ll take a common-sense approach to underwriting and do our best to help.

Our Buy to Let Page Product Page

Product Name Initial Rate Subsequent Rate (SVR) The Overall Cost For Comparison Incentives Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) Fees Early Repayment Charge
5 Year Discount Holiday Buy to Let Mortgage (Personal Applicant) 3.24% 5.20%. 4.70% APRC None 70% Arrangement Fee: £999 Apply for 5 years
3 Year Discount Buy to Let Personal Applicant and Limited Company 3.49% 5.20% 5.0% APRC None 75% Arrangement Fee: £1,499 Apply for 3 years
5 Year Discount Holiday Buy to Let Limited Company 3.49% 5.20% 4.70% APRC None 70% Arrangement Fee: £1,499 Apply for 5 years

For full product details please download our product guide