Launched in 2012, the Jubilee Fund was set up to support local community and charitable causes in the Stockport area. Applications for the 2017 Jubilee Fund are now closed.

The Jubilee Fund is again awarding £10,000 to local charity and community groups.  We asked the groups who applied to demonstrate that the funding will make a difference in their area and provide a lasting benefit to their community.  At the closing date on 27th June we had 69 applications for the fund from a variety of causes across the local area.

The 16 finalists for the 2017 Jubilee Fund have now been selected by our panel.  The groups who will receive a share of £10,000 are:

Stockport Building Preservation Trust

Bosden Farm Community Group

Stockport County Community Foundation

Friends of St. Josephs

The Wellspring

Beechwood Cancer Care

Stroke Information

Stockport Foodbank

For more information about each of the finalists, click here. Tokens will appear in the Stockport Express each Wednesday from 9th August to 31st August for readers to vote for their preferred cause. For the first time you will also have the chance to register a vote online through the Society’s Facebook page.

All tokens and online votes must be submitted to Vernon Building Society by 13th September 2017.

Funding will then be allocated to groups in proportion to the votes they receive. Each charity or community group will receive a minimum of £100, and the remaining £8,400 will then be divided by the total number of votes received to determine the value of each vote.

The 16 groups will then be advised of the number of votes they received in total and the amount of funding they will receive in October 2017. 

To keep up to date with the progress of the Jubilee Fund, sign up for our newsletter or email