Switching Products FAQs

Switching Products FAQs

Am I eligible for a product switch?

If you have more than two years remaining on the term of your mortgage, you will be eligible for a new product. You will also need to be fully up to date with the payments on your mortgage to qualify.

When can I apply for a new product?

You can apply for a new product three months before your current mortgage is due to expire. We will be in contact to discuss which products are available to you.

When will this product switch take effect?

Once you have selected your product and returned your acceptance form, this switch will be diarised to take place on the date of expiry of your current product.

My mortgage has expired, can I still have a new product?

Yes. If you didn’t return your form within the three months before your product’s expiry, you may still switch to a new product, provided you are up to date with your mortgage payments.

How long will the product switch process take?

The speed of the process is dictated by how quickly the required forms are filled out and returned to us at each stage. Once we are in receipt of the necessary forms, we will diarise this change to happen on the date of the previous product’s expiry.

What is Execution-Only?

Execution-Only is when you select your new product without taking advice from us.