Intermediary Retentions FAQs


Intermediary Retention FAQs

How do I begin the product switch process?

In order to act on the behalf of your client, they must have completed and signed a Letter of Authority Form and returned it to us. From this point, you will be in contact with our Retentions Team and guided through the remainder of the process.

Further information about the product switch process can be found here.

How do I request an illustration?

Once your client has completed and returned their Letter of Authority Form, we will forward an enquiry form, where you will be able to request illustrations. Any additional fees being charged should be made known to us on this form, in order to produce an accurate illustration.


Where can I find the current available products?

 Our Existing Borrower Product Guide is available here.

What procuration fee will I be paid?

A Procuration fee of 0.20% (Minimum £150 and no maximum) of the remaining balance will be paid. This figure is calculated at the time of producing the illustration for the switch. If dealing through a network/club, we pay a fee of 0.22% with the extra 0.02% going to the network/club.