Transfer an ISA

Thinking of switching?

Whether you're transferring your ISA because of better interest rates or simply because you want all your savings under once roof, we've made the process as simple as possible, so you can get on with the more important things in life.

All you need to do is open an ISA account as normal and then complete the ISA transfer form, at which point our team will get in touch with your old provider and transfer the funds.

Currently, we only offer transfers in to our Easy Access Cash ISA, so if you're intestered in switching, please feel free to get in to contact with us using the methods below.

ISA Transfer Q&As

How long does a transfer take?

It will take up to 15 working days for us to complete the transfer of your cash ISA once we've got your request.

If the ISA you wish to transfer to us is a notice account or a fixed-term product, you may suffer an exit penalty or interest penalty if the funds are transferred early.  In these instances, it may take longer than 15 days to receive the cash ISA funds.

Will a transfer affect my allowance?

If you’re transferring from one ISA manager to another during a tax year, and if you are transferring current tax year ISA subscriptions, all subscriptions with your existing provider will be transferred to the Society in order to ensure you have subscribed to only one ISA within the tax year.

Please ensure that this is clearly indicated on the ISA transfer form.

Can I withdraw money during the transfer?

Yes, making withdrawals will not affect the transfer process, providing you have available funds in your account.

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