Case Study: Grade II* Listed Building

20th July 2022

A recent case where an applicant came to us after their Grade II* listed building case had been declined elsewhere.

A recent case where we were able to help an applicant with: 

- Private Pension and SIPP
- Capital Raising used to gift deposit
- Grade II* listed property

This applicant came to us after another lender had declined due to the property’s classification as a Grade II* listed building.

A quick phone call to our valuation partners for their view on Grade II* listed properties was positive and allowed us to invite an application from our customer. Once received, it was processed, fully underwritten and ready for a valuation within a week. As we expected, a satisfactory valuation came back, and the customer received their offer.

A sole applicant, he was looking to capital raise on his unencumbered £1,1,00,000 residence and was looking to gift £500,000 to his son to purchase a home and complete some improvements to his own home at the same time.

For affordability, an annual state pension income and an annual private pension income were used, including a SIPP in the background, which was not currently in use but was available to draw from if required to make the case fit.

Specialist cases like these are our bread and butter. We look at every case individually and apply flexibility to our criteria where we possibly can.

Our personal, human approach to lending means we can make common-sense decisions on your cases.

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