Costs & Fees


Effective 1st June 2024


The below information explains the current costs and fees which may be applied to your mortgage or savings account. In accordance with the terms and conditions of your account, these charges may vary to reflect changes in underlying costs. Should you need any help understanding these fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Savings Costs & Fees

Cheque Returned Unpaid


Withdrawal paid by CHAPS


Lost Passbook Replacement


Withdraw up to £1,000,000 by Same-Day Faster Payment


Duplicate Statement

If a charge applies, we will let you know before we provide the service.

Mortgage Costs & Fees

Chaps Fee

This fee will apply when the mortgage funds are transferred electronically to your bank or to your solicitors bank, where the funds need to be available (cleared) on the same working day.



Release of Part Security

This fee applies when a request is received to release part of the property or land currently in mortgage to the Society (it may also be necessary to pay a re-valuation fee)



Returned Cheques and Recalled Direct Debits

This fee is payable if your bank returns a cheque or recalls a direct debit due to insufficent funds.



Second Mortgage Questionnaire

This fee applies when the Society provides both title and/or accounting information to a proposed second mortgagee.



Conversion of Mortgage Repayment Type

This fee applies if you transfer the method of repaying your mortgage from interest-only to repayment, or vice-versa.



Second Mortgage Consent

This fee applies if the Society is asked to give formal consent to the registration of a secured charge by another lender.



Change of Mortgage Term

This fee applies if we change the remaining term of your mortgage at your request.



Mortgage Reference for Another Lender

This fee covers the cost of providing a mortgage reference to another lender.



Request for Copy of Documents

This fee applies if you require us to retrieve your deeds and provide photocopies of documents.



Information for Accountants

This fee applies should your accountant request information relating to your mortgage.



Amendment of Security

This fee covers the costs incurred by us when processing a request to vary the security held. 



Change of Party (Transfer)

This fee is for approving the change of borrower, sealing the transfer deed and all other related administration.



Approval of Letting

If you wish to rent your house to another party you will need to obtain the Society's permission. This fee covers the cost of approving the letting and other associated administration.



Duplicate Mortgage Statements

You will receive a mortgage statement at the beginning of each year free of charge. The fee will only apply should you request a duplicate.



Instructing Solicitors

This fee applies should it prove necessary for the Society to instruct solicitors to commence possession proceedings.



Product Arrangement Fees

This fee is applied to some products and covers the cost of processing your application. 


Product Arrangement Fees vary; please refer to the specific product's information.


This fee applies should it be necessary for the Society to have an update of the property's value (for example, in conjunction with an additional advance application)


£80 - properties valued up to and including £250,000
£120 - properties valued above £250,000 and up to £500,000
£170 - properties valued over £500,000


A £10 admin fee is also payable

Personal Visit

This fee applies should the Society not receive a reply to any correspondence relating to arrears on your mortgage, therefore necessitating a representative of the Society to visit you to discuss the matter in person.



Repossession Fee

When a possessed property is sold by the Society, this fee will be charged to the mortgage account to cover the Society's costs of administering the sale of the property. In addition, marketing and legal fees will also be incurred and charged to the borrower.




This fee applies should our valuer need to revisit the property (for example, to confirm whether repair or improvement works have been carried out).



Redemption Charges

This fee covers the cost to redeem your mortgage with the Society.