Savings FAQs

Savings FAQs

How do I open a savings account?

Savings accounts can be opened via a face-to-face appointment at any of our 6 local branches or they can be opened by completing the appropriate application form, linked on each of our savings account pages. The form can be sent back to us via email or post. If you want to open an account in-branch, we recommend that you book an appointment in advance. To be able to open an account, you must live within a 25-mile radius from the postcode noted on the account to our Stockport Head Office postcode SK1 1HF.

How do I book an appointment at a branch?

You can visit one of our six branches to book an appointment, or call/email the branch to request an appointment. The contact details for each branch can be found here.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Funds can be withdrawn from your account by taking your Passbook into one of our six branches. Funds can be withdrawn as cash, cheque, or as a Faster Payment sent to a nominated bank account. Funds can also be withdrawn by phone, up to a maximum of £3,000. This requires extra security checks.

Please refer to specific product details for specific withdrawal requirements/restrictions.

How do I deposit funds into my account?

Funds can be deposited into your account by way of cash or cheque in-branch. Funds can be transferred via your bank account using the following details: 

Sort Code: 20-55-34

Account Number: 10920320

It's very important you include your Vernon account number as the payment reference as this information is how we know which account to credit the payment to.

How do I transfer my ISA to you from another provider?

We are not currently accepting ISA transfers in from other Cash ISA managers.

What kind of ID will I be required to provide?

Our ID requirements can be found here.

How long will it take for my cheque to clear?

It takes seven working days from the date of deposit of funds for a cheque to clear and be available in your account.

Who do I make a cheque payable when depositing into my account?

You should make the cheque payable to the account holder (the name of the recipient).

How do I update my account details?

You will be required to complete our account amendment form to update us of any changes to your address, contact details, etc. You can pick up a form in-branch or download it here. Once you have completed the form, email it back to us or you can post it back to us:

Vernon Building Society

19 St Petersgate



Please be aware that you may be required to provide ID for any account amendments. Have a look at our ID Requirements.

A relative with a VBS account has passed away, what do I need to do?

You will need to book an appointment to come into one of our 6 branches and provide a copy of the death certificate. This can be the original copy, a copy certified by a solicitor, a death certificate verification form (from your solicitor), or a coroner’s interim certificate.

More information can be found in our Guide to Bereavement.

How do I register a Power of Attorney on an account?

You will need to book an appointment to come into one of our 6 branches and register Power of Attorney. You will need to bring the VBS Power of Attorney Registration Form, the Power of Attorney Document (the original or certified copy), and a form of acceptable ID.

Where an Enduring Power of Attorney document is to be registered, if this document has not been officially registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, we will need the express permission of the account holder for this to be added to their account.