Complex Self-Employed Case | Vernon Case of the Week

13th May 2024

A young couple are looking to part-exchange properties with a builder.

The issues facing this case were:

  • The warranty provider was not on the Society’s acceptable list.

  • The business owned by one of the applicants is a new venture and has been operational for less than two years, and the first year of trading operated at a loss.

  • This applicant will take maternity leave in July and will not return to work within three months of completion.

  • The other applicant needed 100% of their bonus payment to meet affordability.

Our flexible lending policy empowered our underwriters to approve this case by:

  • Reviewing the warranty type and adding it to our acceptable list of providers.

  • Evidencing the first applicant’s self-employed earnings should only increase and, based on employment history, could command a similar salary if they needed to return to employment.

  • Considering the low LTV, which is a sign of commitment on the applicants’ part, and clarifying through an accountant’s report that the business has been well thought out and is sustainable enough to support affordability with a combination of trading and projected accounts.

  • Accepting the entire bonus for affordability as they could provide evidence on their last 2 March payslips.

We want to support young buyers and help them start building a life for themselves by finding a way to say yes.

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