Intermediary FAQs


Intermediary FAQs

How do I register to place business with you?

You will need to complete our Broker Registration Form, then complete an online registration for our Online Broker Portal, where you can submit applications.

Which solicitors are on your panel?

We do not have a panel of solicitors. We can use any solicitor who can provide dual representation, providing the practice is at least a dual partnership and where Law Society guidelines permit joint representation.

How do I get a Decision in Principle?

Once you have registered with us and have completed an Affordability Calculation, you can attain a Decision in Principle. We are currently responding to DIPs within two working days. We advise speaking to one of our Intermediary Team before submitting a DIP, to ensure we can accommodate the terms of the case you’re looking to submit.

How do I request an illustration?

Illustrations should be produced through your chosen sourcing system. If you aren't able to, please contact us.

Can product fees be added to the loan?

Product fees can be added to the loan as long as the new loan total does not exceed 95% LTV.

How do I submit and track my cases on the Broker Portal?

We have created a Broker User Guide to walk you through the steps involved with submitting and tracking your case.

What procuration fee will I be paid?

A Procuration fee of 0.35% (minimum £150 and no maximum) of the loan amount will be paid for residential purchases, re-mortgages, and self-builds. A fee of 0.40% of the loan amount will be paid for buy-to-let purchases and re-mortgages. This figure is calculated at the time of producing the illustration. If dealing through a network/club, we pay a fee of 0.37% on residential purchases, re-mortgages, and self builds, and a fee of 0.42% on buy-to-let purchases and re-mortgages, with the extra 0.02% going to the network/club.

What are your USPs?

We are a mutual building society who offer mortgages across England and Wales. We do this by listening to your needs, being flexible and forward thinking, and providing personal intermediary contact, from enquiry to completion; guiding you and your clients through the process. By using human underwriters, we take a personal approach to each case, individually.

How do I complete a product transfer?

Please head over to our Product Transfers page.

How long are your mortgage offers valid for?

Both BTL and Residential mortgage offers are valid for 4 months.