Bereavement Support


When someone close to you passes away, the number of things you need to sort out can feel overwhelming. We want to ensure that any interaction with us during this difficult time is as easy as possible.

This page provides a summary of the information you'll need to register a death with us. We suggest that you download our Bereavement Guide below for full details of how the process will work.

First steps

You will need to register the death at any local registry office within 5 days. You can find more information and the location of your nearest registry office on the government website

The registry office will provide you with the death certificate. You should ask for further official copies from them so that you have enough to send to any other organisations that need to be informed.

How to register a death with us

If you need to let us know that your loved one has passed away, just show us one of the following:

  • The original death certificate or a copy certified by a solicitor

  • A death certificate verification form (from your solicitor)

  • A coroner’s interim certificate

As registration can take up to an hour in branch it is best to make an appointment to see us in your preferred branch. Please see our Branch Finder for branch contact information. This also allows us to ensure a private space is available.

Alternatively you can post the certificate directly to our head office address:

Vernon Building Society
19 St Petersgate

Or you can email a copy of the certificate to us at

Savings Accounts

Once we’ve been advised about a death, payments to and from a savings account are frozen.

When the death is registered and we’ve completed the necessary checks, we’ll send all correspondence to the personal representative dealing with the administration of the estate.

Funds can be accessed immediately by the next of kin or personal representative(s) for urgent bills; however, these are limited to funeral costs, inheritance tax or probate fees. All requests must be accompanied by the original invoice, and all cheques will be made payable direct to the relevant organisation.

How any further funds are accessed depends on the balance of the account at the date of death. The different requirements are explained below:

Total balance of VBS account

BELOW £5,000

Authority to Close form provided by the Society and signed by all relevant next of kin or personal representatives.

Identification if not a member of the Society.

BETWEEN £5,000.01 - £25,000

Authority to Close form provided by the society signed by all relevant next of kin or personal representatives and witnessed by a solicitor or Magistrate (Justice of the Peace).

Identification if not a member of the Society.

ABOVE £25,000

Sealed copy of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Authority to Close form provided by the society signed by all personal representatives named on Probate or Letters of Administration.

Identification if not a member of the Society.

Mortgage Accounts

Sole Borrowers

If the mortgage was in the deceased’s name only, the mortgage is a debt of their estate and needs to be repaid.

Once the death has been registered, mortgage payments will be suspended; however, interest will continue to accumulate, which will cause the outstanding balance to increase.

Joint Borrowers

Where the mortgage was in joint names, it’s important that the surviving borrower carries on making the monthly repayments so the account doesn’t fall into arrears.

If this may cause financial difficulties, you should contact us and we can talk you through the options that may be available on 0161 429 4301.

Useful Documents