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What can I do with Online Services?

Online Services provides a summary of your Vernon accounts. You can view details of your savings account(s) with recent transactions and view your mortgage.

Use the Online Services messaging facility to communicate securely with us. Subject to the signatory rules on your account, you can request a withdrawal into your nominated bank account.

Online access is available 24/7 via the link at the top right of each website page. However, the service may occasionally be unavailable due to maintenance or system updates. We will let you know of any downtime on our website homepage and provide alternate methods of accessing your account.

Some of our accounts can also be opened online, with more are planned to be added in the future.

Online Services FAQs

How do I access Online Services?

Online access is normally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by using the link at the top right of each page on our website or by clicking here.

Please note, there may be times when part of the service is unavailable to allow for maintenance and updates to the system.  Any system downtime will be communicated with members in advance through a message on our home page.

How do I sign up for Online Services?

After clicking on the ‘Online Services’ link on our main webpage, click the link to ‘register’ and enter the required information. Once you have completed the online registration, we will post your User ID and Activation Key to you typically within 2 working days.

How do I log in to Online Services?

To log in to Online Services you will need your user ID, password and you will be required to enter a code for Two Factor Authentication purposes.

For additional security, you will also receive a code to your home or mobile telephone number which needs to be entered when you log in.

How do I update my personal information?

You can update personal information such as address, phone number and email address yourself by logging into Online Services and clicking on ‘My Account’. You will be required to enter a code for Two Factor Authentication purposes. Alternatively, you can contact us using the secure messaging facility or telephone us on 0161 429 4306.

How often is my account updated?

Online information about accounts is updated daily at 10am; any transactions after 10am will be available to view the following day.

How long can I see my records for?

Transactions are held on the system for at least five years. Once an account is closed, it will be removed from Online Services.

Which transactions can I see on my accounts?

Any transactions which affect the balance of your account can be seen in Online Services. 

Is Online Services secure?

For someone to gain access to your account details they would need your User ID and password. Even if they had both of these, they still would require access to your mobile or home phone to obtain the one-off code that we supply on login. For these reasons, our Online Services is extremely secure.

All information transmitted between your personal computer and our Online Services server is encrypted.

Any new registrations cannot be completed until we have posted your identification number and an activation key to the address held on our system. This prevents someone pretending to be you from creating online access to your account in order to steal your money.

The security of the system relies upon you taking responsibility for your personal login details, such as your password and memorable information. Keep your details secure by not writing them down or storing them on your personal computer. Never share your details. We will only ever ask you for this information as part of the online login process. Our colleagues will never ask you for your password or memorable information.

We make you use a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters (%!£) within your password. For both your password and memorable word, avoid using words that may be easy for others to guess, such as the name of a family member.

What can I do to keep my information secure?

To safeguard information held on your computer, you should check that you have suitable anti-virus/spyware and firewall software installed.

Treat any emails or calls requesting personal financial information with extreme caution.

You should always access our Online Services via the link on the Society’s website or typing the address directly into your browser, not from a link in an email.

If your you are at all suspicious or concerned, please get in touch with us on 0161 429 4306.

If you would like more advice on maintaining online security when dealing with your finances online, the following sites contain useful information:

I'm having problems accessing Online Services

Whilst we cannot give you detailed instructions regarding your individual home computer you might like to try the following.

If you have previously accessed Vernon Online Services but are now experiencing problems, we recommend that you clear out your cache / temporary internet files and delete any cookies before trying to log in again.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the “forgot password” link on the main login page. The instructions on how to re-access Online Services will be sent to the email address you provided when originally registering.

How will you respond to a secure message?

Secure messages are usually responded to within one working day. You will receive a notification via email when we reply to your message and then need to log in to Online Services to view our response.

Online Account Opening FAQs

Can I open an account online?

Some of our Savings Accounts are available to open through Online Services. Further details can be found on our All Accounts page.

For any account opened through Online Services, you will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals in branch.

How do I operate my online savings account?

To deposit:


All deposits must be made as a bank transfer, using the below details:

Sort Code: 20-55-34

Bank Account Number: 10920320

Reference: (Your unique account number printed in your welcome letter. Don’t include any dashes or spaces and make sure any letters are capitalised)

It’s important you include your unique account number, so our team know where to place the money once we receive it.

Your banking app may ask whether this payment is being made to a business account - answer ‘yes’ to this.

If we receive any money with the incorrect information attached, it will be returned within 1-2 working days.


To withdraw:

When you open your account, you will provide your bank account details which we will send any withdrawals to. To make a withdrawal, you must make a request through Online Services which will then be sent to this nominated bank account.

Some account types have restrictions or require notice to make withdrawals.

Will I get an annual statement?

We will not issue annual statements for accounts opened online, but transactions can be viewed through Online Services, downloaded or printed at any time.

For any account opened through Online Services, you will not typically receive a passbook.

How do I close my online account?

To close your account, you can either request it through Online Services or by calling our Customer Services team on 0161 429 4306.

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