A Q&A with our Reddish Branch manager

9th February 2023

We chatted to the branch manager Lyndsy about Reddish branch and its place in the community.

What do you enjoy about working for the Vernon, and why did you come back?

I left the Vernon 13 years ago to raise my baby twins. I missed working for the Vernon as it is like being part of a big supportive family. I have always felt very valued here and I was lucky enough to be welcomed back with open arms once my children started high school.

Being part of the Reddish community, what impact do you think our local branch has had on the community?

As well as supporting our community’s investment and mortgage needs, we are also always looking to help local charities. Over the last year, we have been able to donate £1,000 to Transport for Sick Children and £350 to the Vale Jets Morros Dancing Troupe. We are always looking for local charities to support and work closely with in Reddish.

Speaking of Reddish, what are your favourite places to eat and drink?

Without a doubt, it has to be Johnny’s Cafe. The team and I pop in there regularly on our lunch breaks and we are always greeted with a smile.  

What’s the best part of working face-to-face with customers, and why do you think this is important to so many people?

It’s really important to me to keep that personal touch with the customers. I feel like I really get to know my customers and understand their individual needs. Not everybody likes to go online to complete transactions and here at Reddish branch, we all love a good chat. 

Why do you think it’s important that the Vernon are committed to maintaining a presence on the high street?

For many of our customers, we are the only place remaining in Reddish to keep their savings. In addition to that we can offer a one-to-one service instead of having a computer says no attitude. 

After a long week, what’s your favourite thing to do over a weekend?

I love going for long walks with my dog in Reddish Vale. 

Whilst other financial institutions are leaving local communities and high streets - the Vernon are here to stay. We're investing in our branch network, starting with Reddish, so we can continue to provide a face-to-face, personal service to everyone who needs it.

The team at Reddish can't wait to welcome you back soon!