Our Partnership with New Possible

13th November 2023

We are proud to have partnered with New Possible, an AI-powered people insight platform, based in Stockport, to gain real-time insight into what matters most to our people.

New Possible Partnership | Vernon Building Society

As a Society, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with New Possible, an AI-powered people insight platform, to help us gain real-time insight into what matters most to our people. Like us, New Possible is proudly based in Stockport and the surrounding community. We are proud that we have just secured 'The Stockport Award' at the 2023 Stockport Business Awards and this new partnership is part of our ambition to remain an employer of choice. 

About New Possible

New Possible, headquartered in Stockport, serves organisations across various industries, including Hospitality, Finance, and Engineering. New Possible is a next-generation employee insight platform that provides meaningful insight, helping organisations improve their people experience. They first launched in 2021 and have made a difference to some of the UK's top employers. The company has also been included in publications including HR Magazine, Training Journal, Business Leader, and Research Live. New Possible is known for being passionate about recognising and celebrating success, through their HR Awards and Thriving Workplace Certification - something that we feel is extremely important at the Vernon.

A Word From Our Chief Executive

Steve Fletcher, our Chief Executive, said about the partnership:

“One of the Society’s key objectives is to provide employment opportunities for local people, in a happy, safe, diverse, and inclusive working environment. Understanding what continues to be important to our people, helps us deliver on this objective. We are committed to working with local businesses and so it’s fantastic to be joining up with New Possible, who just like Vernon are born and raised in Stockport”.

A Word From Nate Harwood

Nate Harwood, Founder & CEO of New Possible, also said:

“The Vernon Building Society is an example of an organisation that genuinely cares about its people. We are thrilled to be their insight partner of choice and look forward to helping them get the answers they need from employee feedback.”

About Our Partnership

We are the second building society to sign up to the platform and can't wait to begin our partnership. This will reflect a shared belief that engaged and satisfied employees are the most powerful source of business growth. The New Possible survey platform is designed to measure themes such as Satisfaction, well-being, and Culture. We can use this information to help measure and improve our people's experience, providing insight into how we can sustain and improve as a Society. We can't wait to begin this partnership as we head into our centenary year and continue with our ambition to remain an employer of choice.