Philips Trust Update

1st March 2024

In April 2022, Philips Trust Corporation went into administration. We can confirm that no Vernon Members had any dealings with the firm.

We're aware that the Society has been mentioned in some articles in connection to consumer concerns with Philips Trust Corporation, which is now in administration.

The Society has never had a relationship with Philips Trust Corporation or ever introduced Members to them, and we have not been made aware of any concerns from any of our Members in connection with Philips Trust.

During January to April 2017, we introduced a small number of Members to ‘The Will Writing Company’ for will planning purposes. The Will Writing Company went into administration in late 2017 and were subsequently taken over by Philips Trust. The Members introduced by the Society, prior to the Will Writing Company going into administration, all received the services they had paid for.

We've engaged with the administrators, Kroll, and confirmed that no Vernon Members had any dealings with Philips Trust Corporation.

If Members have any concerns in relation to this matter, please contact the Society.