Poynton Branch's 50th Birthday

10th September 2021

Have a look at what went down at Poynton's celebration.

What better way to celebrate the easing of Covid restrictions, than for our Poynton Branch to celebrate their whopping 50th birthday! It’s been such a long time since we’ve had the chance to celebrate something, that Mr Vernon Bear was longing to get out and have a dance.

Thank you for the exceptional efforts put into this celebration by our Poynton Team, Carol, Enam, Gerry, Steve and Sarah. Records were delved into at the local Poynton library, our own archive was turned upside down and plenty more photos and information were shared from helpful individuals along the way. 

To complete the celebration, our good friends at Poynton Brass Band turned up to perform together for the first time in over a year and a half, and not that we’re biased or anything, but they absolutely smashed it. They were helped of course by Vernon Bear, who very capably stepped in to share conducting duties. Our very own Katie, of the Strawberry Spatula, also provided some of her phenomenally good cakes and as expected, they flew off the table very quickly.  

Thanks to the diligent research of the Poynton team, we can share details about just how different it was 50 years ago when the branch first opened in 1971. Interest rates of 5% for savers would you believe? An average house price of £4,741, which would work out at £66,374 in today’s market, which is a whopping 67% lower than today’s prices. Not to mention, an average salary of £1,202, which would work out at £16,832 in today’s market.  

We had an absolute blast celebrating Poynton Branch’s 50th and thank you to everyone who came down to celebrate with us.