Tree-planting Volunteering Day

12th December 2023

Some of the Vernon team recently braved the winter weather to volunteer planting trees with the RSPB.

tree planting | vernon hub

Recently, some of our Vernon team took part in tree planting with the RSPB. We are happy to award volunteering days to all colleagues as part of our ongoing objective to support local community organisations. This opportunity enables our team to volunteer at local charities and community groups of their choice, offering their time and skills to help local causes. The RSPB offers specialist advice on land management for nature and we also work in partnership with other conservation organisation, farmers, landowners, businesses, and others to make a positive impact on the environment. 

What Our Volunteers Said About The Experience

One of our volunteers said:

"Even though the weather conditions were awful, it was a great experience and Kate was a great guide. I would not hesitate to do it again."

Another one of our volunteers, who took part in tree-planting with the Vernon gang said:

"Even though it was wet and wild, it was worth it for how it made me feel after. I felt I had made a positive impact on something I knew little about, and it was great exercise too!"

About RSPB

The RSPB is now the largest nature conservation charity in Europe, working to protect, restore, and create wild spaces for nature that benefit people and wildlife, from reedbed and heathland to chalk grassland and wetlands. Established in 1889, Emily Williamson created the Society for the Protection of Birds to fight against fashion that used feathers and exotic materials that were driving certain species of birds toward extinction. The RSPB manages over 200 nature reserves in the United Kingdom and has nearly 1.2 million members, including over 178,000 youth members aged 0-18 years old.

Today, the RSPB works with both the Civil Service and the Government to advise Government policies on conservation and Environmentalism. It is one of several organisations that determine the official conservation list for all birds found in the UK. The problems facing birds, other wildlife, and the environment are large, and complex and make the greatest impact, the RSPB has nature recovery groups that prioritise species, habitats, and sites, setting clear objectives for all of them. It also works with other partners, sometimes on a landscape scale, to do all that it can to help save nature, which is why the Vernon gang enjoyed being able to do their bit for the environment by tree-planting in our local area.

We're proud to contribute to the process of helping our environment by planting trees with the RSPB. The Vernon Gang put in lots of hard work (even in stormy conditions) and planted approximately 350 trees and bags of moss afterward to help restore the number of trees at the site. It's always great to contribute to helping our local areas by volunteering our time, and this is certainly going to continue as we head into our centenary year as a Society.