UK Savings Week Round-up

25th September 2023

To celebrate UK Savings Week, we held a competition for the public to share their favourite savings tip. Here are our winners and some honourable mentions.

UK Savings Week Round-up | Vernon Hub

Saving, whether big or small, can open up a world of opportunity. But, let’s be honest, saving money is tough, now more so than ever, and can be daunting to think about. But saving can be simple, easy and rewarding. To celebrate UK Savings Week 2023, we asked you for your favourite savings tips. Some were helpful, some were interesting. Here are our winners and some honourable mentions:

Our Winners

Martin's tip: Transfer whatever money you have left in your bank account the night before payday into a savings account. No amount is too little to save!

Joseph's tip: Embrace the 24-hour rule for non-essential purchases. If you find something you want to buy, wait a day before making the purchase. Often, you'll realise you can live without it, saving you money in the long run!

Gary's tip: I have a pet python in a tank, I drop £20 into the tank every week & it uses it for nesting material, at the end of the year when I clean out the tank, the cash goes to the bank.

Dorota's tip: Make it a habit, non-negotiable. It's the first thing I do when I receive my salary. Having a goal in mind also helps with motivation for saving.

Maureen's tip: Submit your birthday date details to the many retail/ leisure/ restaurants/ travel etc. companies that you use and then utilise the discounts and vouchers they offer on your birthday.

Our Honourable Mentions

Kathleen's tip: Bulk cook in a slow cooker and freeze in portions.

Maria's tip: If you buy a coffee every morning, make a coffee at home and put the money that you would have spent into your savings instead. You will be surprised at how much you save!

Agnellys' tip: Make shopping lists and check that offers in the shops are really offers.

Chris' tip: If possible, spend cash. This is a visual reminder of what you are actually spending. It will make it easier to budget too!

Pa's tip: Always save something every week or month; a small or a large amount, whatever you can afford. You will always have something to fall back on in an emergency