Vernon Building Society delivers its Financial Education Programme

27th November 2018

Teaching young people about finance is not only a benefit to them but also a benefit to our future.

120 children aged 6 and 7 took part in the programme over the course of a full school day, with two styles of workshop taking place. One workshop consisted of a short play where the children watched the main character ‘Little Croc’ venture through the forest to return a lost purse. The story explored the concept of spending, sharing, and saving your money, with the children receiving their very own Vernon Bear money box to start their saving journeys at the end of the class.

The second workshop was structured as a carousel workshop, with the children alternating across different workshops focusing on needs and wants, where money comes from, using money to pay for things and what career they aspire to.

All 5 of the Vernon staff that took part on the day had experienced some form of teaching in schools, which equipped them with a practical understanding of how to deliver the workshops successfully.

Holly Beasley, Customer Service Adviser at the Vernon said "The children all really enjoyed the variety of activities that we had on offer. They really engaged with all of the different areas and made great links between everything that they had been doing which showed the real benefits of us delivering the lessons in this format".

Parents of the children messaged the Vernon after the children returned home. One parent said:

"We really think that this is a great idea, it is so important to teach them that money doesn’t grow on trees and they don’t want to listen to us at home, he has come home telling us all about being a scientist when he grows up."

The Vernon Building Society is currently focussing on year 1 and 2 classes in the Key Stage 1 learning period. The Society is inviting other primary schools in the Stockport area to take part in the scheme.

If you are interested, email the Vernon marketing team at or call them on 0161 429 6262.